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we've travelled so far

set the fire to the third bar

12 December 1989
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the vitalizing thing is to live
i'm 17, quiet. totally happy, totally weird, imperfect. humongous sense of humor, hopeless romantic. music, photography, graphic and webdesign. winter, scarves, green tea. self-improvementally obsessed. optimistic, calm. i'm the kind of girl that no one really remembers, or bothers to remember or really listens to. Sometimes that makes me go a little insane. I like the simple things in life, like walking around barefoot for days at a time. i don't wear socks, like ever. gross, huh? Things always seem to mean more to me than anyone else. i'm very, er. sentimental that way. i'm just a typical seventeen year old and i can't really be pinned down in words. i really wanna meet more people so if you're not a scumbag or anything friend me :) i love the following things/people more than anything: jane, kelly, alayna, becca, amanda, lisa, izzy, jamba juice, coconut, the beach, rain, showering after a hard run, running in general (but i haven't run since like the beginning of january because i've been sick. eww. to be honest, i'm dreading getting back into it.) my horsey :P, riding horses, summer, hot weather, europe, ambitions, being drug and alchohol free. oh, i like my family too. duh.

i like science and all, but i think we need a little faith to get us through the hard stuff.
i love harry and hermione, ron and luna, harry and luna, draco and ginny. i love grey's anatomy, george/izzie and pretty much any other GA ship. my favorite things are photography, graphic and fashion and webdesign, and music. my myspace has alot more stuff about me on it :) *directs you to "my website" link*
see my graphics and stuff at hhere. add me as a friend to see my photos.

i will always love harry and hermione.hhere